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 Stakeholder Engagement  Communication 


I'm a sustainability consultant with a background in communications, environmental policy, corporate social responsibility and education.

After more than 15 years of experience in the private and non-profit sectors, I now work as a consultant for impact-driven organizations, supporting them in the design and implementation of strategies to become more resilient to tackle climate change and other environmental and social challenges.


I help my clients understand their markets and stakeholders, connect them to interesting people and resources, and support them in their business and communications strategies. I love to co-create with multidisciplinary teams. 


My Work

Short Bio

Social and Environmental Projects Consultancy


Business Development


Communications Strategy


Partnership Building


Community Engagement


Participatory Processes


Social Science Research


Project Management


Environmental Education

Short Bio

When I was seven years old in my hometown of Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil, I worried about the hole in the ozone layer and the deforestation of the Brazilian Atlantic forest.


As an adult, I’ve experienced different and complementary paths in work and study. Life makes twists and turns, and now I’m back to the  concerns of my seven-year-old self, with a diverse background - and isn’t that exactly what sustainability is about?"

My academic and professional history in brief:

  • MSc in Sustainable Resource Management (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

  • Bachelor in Communications/Public Relations (UFRGS, Brazil)

  • Strategy and communications consultant for impact driven organizations (USA, Brazil, Germany, and globally)

  • Research assistant - climate and forestry policy (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

  • Executive coordinator Oi Kabum!, educational program of Oi Futuro Institute (Brazil)

  • Media relations and events coordinator at Oi Telecom (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

  • Volunteer at a bunch of cool organizations!




Publications & Public Speaking




I had the pleasure to join the panel "The UN SDGs and why they should be driving your business" during the Global Entrepreneurship Week Fort Worth 2020 together with my MAG Impact Collective colleagues Zach Weismann and Stacey Stormo! Click above.

Stairway to Impact: is your organization really doing good? - Medium, May 2021

Grantmaking Meets Community-Building — An Experiment in Tackling Climate Change - In Search of Leverage, Mar 2021

The Forest Sector in the 2030 EU Climate Policy Framework: Looking back to Assess Its Future  (second author) - Journal for European Environmental and Planning Law, Feb 2021

More forests, fewer pandemics - OpenForests Blog, Jun 2020

Tackling Plastic Pollution: an Example From an African Island - LinkedIn, Oct 2018

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